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Uniform Crime is the new escape game from ajazgames. In this modern societies crime and has recently increased than ever before, A man had killed someone and while packing the dead [...]
Its the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the Dora pictures. Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Avoid clicking wrongly, [...]
That big cooking contest is today? I forgot my things, including my secret cookbook.
Everybody likes your new neighbor. But... burglaries have been happening all around.
There is a huge fire in a hotel downtown. One of the guests refuses to leave without her things.
Saloon was robbed and we need to find out where these robbers are heading next.
The dragons from raiding our lands again. Go out there and retrieve those jewels.
I bought that old Japanese restaurant. Help me clean it up...
Last night I went through the forest and some of my things fell off my cart. I must go back and get my things.
We want to reopen the old planetarium. There is a lot of junk and we need help cleaning the place up.
The captain is coming aboard for a final inspection before we set sails. The ship must be in perfect condition!
The old painter has finally gathered all the inspiration needed, but he can't work in a messy atelier. You must help him!
Last night we had one of our hotel guests in their apartment, and they had a party there. Clean up before the next guests arrive.rn
Some very strange things started happening in this museum. Some of the items may be cursed. I have to remove them!
One of the king's guards is a traitor. He has been practicing witchcraft. You need to go there and find some evidence.
Detective, we have a search warrant. Maybe will be enough to help put this high profile criminal behind bars.
The King outlawed magic in the kingdom. His guards are on their way to arrest us. Quickly now, we must hurry!rn
The men working on the stage for tonight's premiere have misplaced some of the props. Help us save the show!
The office looks like some junkyard. If you want to keep your jobs, you better clean it up before I get to work tomorrow!
That was some party last night, huh? But there is another one tonight, so we have to get this club in order.
Someone broke into your house. Remove any evidence that you were ever there, and get out of town.
The workers will begin working on our apartment and it's going to look great. Put the valuables away before they begin.
Help the forest king to find the five magic rings. He got into a storm, and the rings were lost.
Our village is getting ready for the summer festival. Use your skills to help us make this festival ready!
We have a report of a burglary. The house was broken into while the owners were on holidays. Dust the crime scene for prints fast!
Our nice summer vacation is over, and we need to pack our bags and head home. Can you help us?
After many years of living in this apartment, I decided it's time to move. But first, I need to pack all these things!
A gas leak killed a high ranking diplomat. Your job is to go there and find some evidence.
Someone called in a hidden danger in the hotel. You must help me pack our things quickly. Hurry!
I am looking for some things around the house but I can't find them. I think they might be in my shed.
The witch gathering is about to begin and I can't find my magical trinkets. I can't be seen without them!
Try to unlock some new secrets of the ocean. Search the life on a coral reef...
Welcome to the most popular island in Greece. Enjoy a relaxing day at this wonderful place and try to find something interesting!
I rented my bungalow and when roomer moved out he left the place in a mess. You need to help me clean it up!
Some boxes ended up at the wrong address and we won’t be able to get your stuff back. You will have to do it yourself!
The guests are leaving and we have to get it ready for the new ones. Help us get this place nice and clean.
An important guest arrived at the hotel, and he demands to get his usual room. Go there and get it ready for him!
The fire masters attacked my home. They must be looking for the jade dragon. I must save my family heritage.
Summer is here and we need to get our garden ready. But first, I need to find all my tools.
Construction work in progress! You hired some workers to do your house, but forgot to get your stuff first. Find it all in this mess!